Tired of washing out your day-old-rank shaker bottle like a peasant? Done with lugging zip-lock bags of pre workout, aminos, and protein to the gym? Well today is your lucky day, Kemosabe. Use Shaker Sleeves to stack, shake, and drink all of your Eat the Bear products from one discrete container. 

Our Shaker Sleeves™ are 100% recyclable as well as BPA free. We offer our Sleeves in two different sizes. Shaker Sleeves™ Post with 20oz of storage for your beverage of choice or Shaker Sleeves™ Pre providing 14oz of storage. Each Package of Sleeves contains 30 sleeves. We have subscription services available for regular or heavy users. 

This product does not come with a Shaker Cup, an essential part to experiencing our product. If you are a starter we recommend the Shaker Sleeves™ Starter Pack. Add Our Shaker Cup and Save $2 with your purchase!!

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