Q- What is the difference between Grass-Fed Protein and Isolate protein?

A- There are three main differences in these two products.

1. Grass Fed is sweetened naturally with Stevia and the Isolate uses an artificial sweetener. We use these sweeteners to provide the great taste and limiting the sugar intake to 1g or less.

2. Our Isolate protein is lactose free where the grass-fed is not. Our grass-fed is not because it doesn't got through the same filtration process that strips away the lactose. Although due to it's minimal ingredients it is still light on the stomach and doesn't cause bloating like most.

3. The protein levels per serving are slightly different. 20 grams of protein per serving for the grass-fed and 25 grams in the Isolate protein.

Q- Does the protein upset your stomach?

Everyone reacts differently but based on feedback from customers and the quality of our products we believe we have the best option for whey protein.  Also the founder of Eat the Bear created our first product for this specific reason. He is severely lactose intolerant and wanted a clean great tasting product that he could digest.

Q- What makes your protein different than other companies?

Simply put, we provide the highest quality products with minimal ingredients. Our reviews speak for themselves. See the proof: https://etbfit.com/collections/protein/products/etb-pure-isolate-whey-protein 

Q- What does cold filtered mean?
A- Our whey proteins are cold filtered, preserving the DNA structure of crucial enzymes and peptides, containing less other ingredients than any pure isolate protein on the market. These expensive filtration techniques are specifically designed to remove impurities without filtering out the vital sub-fractions. What you're left with is a whey protein that contains little in the way of impurities and offers the additional health benefits of a fully intact whey protein. This process ensures a higher percentage of critical branch-chain amino acids.

Q- Where do you source your ingredients?
A- Everything is sourced within the United States.

Q- Is it gluten free?
A- All products are gluten free except Ice Cream Sandwich due to the cookie wafers.

Q- Is it lactose free?
A- Yes, our Isolate is lactose free. Our other proteins do contain traces of lactose however, our naturally powder has had great feedback from customers who usually have issues with consuming whey protein.

Q- The label on the Pure Isolate says 98% lactose free. Why is that if you just said that the Pure Isolate is Lactose Free?
A- Due to FDA requirements and legal standards, we have to do that in the unlikely event the FDA found a single trace in just one of their samples. So to be on the safe side we always say 98% but most people, who have issues with lactose tolerance, have never had an issue. For instance, the founder of Eat the Bear created the first product for this specific reason. He is severely lactose intolerant and wanted a clean great tasting product that he could digest.

Q-On the Whey Isolate it says recommended for pre and post workouts, is there any caffeine added?
A- There is not any caffeine added. We list all of our ingredients on our labels. The whey protein isolate can be taken an hour before your workout to give you the fuel to power through your routine or as a muscle recovery shake after an intense workout.

Q- Are you FDA approved?
A- The FDA doesn't approve sports nutrition products. They do however inspect and audit our production plant in Pittsburgh and there's never been an issue.