Become an Effiliate

Why Become an Affiliate

We want to work directly with you to help you become a successful part of our business! Eat the Bear is considered one of the fastest growing sport nutrition companies in the US, and was rated as “one-to-watch” micro brands in the country by USA Today.

We provide marketing and promotional support to all accepted affiliates. This includes 1 on 1 training, web support and affiliate workshops along with specific ETB product training. This also includes marketing and promotional support for affiliates such as BOGO’s, custom deals, T-shirts, Samples ,Free Shipping, etc). If we can lend a hand to make you successful, we’re all about it!

How Does it Work?

All affiliates are initially qualified to receive a commission percentage of net sales. Average sales on are typically around $100 per customer. These sales are tracked in two basic ways: custom referral links and coupon codes. Upon acceptance into the program, we provide you with a customization referral link (tracks up to 30 days), and a coupon code to provide people you’re referring to ETB. Sales percentages will increase with performance as you’re accepted into the program. We will only be offering affiliate positions for a limited time!

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