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While preparing for my bodybuilding competitions, I have made many transitions. I graduated college an entire year early, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia immediately after graduation, and I worked out of a cubicle for a big corporate company. I quickly learned that I was not passionate about my job, which ultimately left me unhappy. I found myself spending all my time either wanting to be in the gym or wanting to help others reach their fitness goals. I created a fitness account on Instagram (@Passion2BeFit), surrounded myself with people who had similar interests, and before I knew it, I was living

and breathing a life centered on health and fitness. I quit my corporate job, moved back home and started fresh, where I focused on what I truly loved. I became a personal trainer and worked with many clients in person, but eventually I transitioned into becoming solely an online coach, and I also serve as a mentor for my supporters. As I continue on my journey to get my Pro Card, I work as hard as I can to help others reach their goals. I have found my passion and I could not be more satisfied with what I do for a living. I want everyone to be successful, happy, and confident in themselves, especially since I know how it feels to be insecure and unhappy with your body image.

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