Eat the Bear’s Preworkout is designed to supercharge your workout. It provides a clean and inviting taste and a steady supply of energy with no post workout crash. We’ve packed in the best ingredients proven to boost energy while helping you recover quicker and tackle longer workouts. Now go get your spandex on, because you’re about to feel like a superhero.* 
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Performance tested & open label

Eat the Bear’s preworkout is designed to help each person reach their full potential. It provides a steady supply of energy with no post workout crash. We packed 10g of clinically dosed ingredients proven to boost energy, enhance focus and improve overall performance.* All ingredients are fully disclosed and sourced in the US.

 Research has shown Cittruline Malate in the 6-8g dosage to help you in :

✔️ longer workouts ✔️ less soreness and ✔️ better recovery.

The 2010 study shows subjects that took the Cittruline Malate performed 53% more repetitions than the placebo and had a 40% decrease in muscle soreness in 24 and 48 hours. 

Contains performance tested ingredients in their proper dosages. Cittruline Malate and Beta Alanine have shown proven results in both strength and endurance. No Fillers, Artificial Colors or Dyes Enhances Energy & FocusZero Sugars & Zero Calories.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredient breakdown

Carnosyn Beta-Alanine - This amino acid is essential for the synthesis of muscle carnosine which delays the onset of muscle fatigue and failure, acting as a buffer. it has been shown to increase physical working capacity, enhance endurance and delay fatigue.

Creatine Monohydrate - Creatine is one of the most widely researched supplements and through research it has proven results again and again. The main benefit from taking creatine monohydrate is its ability to increase work capacity. By increasing work capacity you are able to do more reps and increase weight leading to an increase in muscle size.

Theacrine - Stimulates the central nervous system. Studies have shown that theacrine provides a boost to mental and physical energy while increasing the ability to concentrate.

Agmatine Sulfate - Agmatine fights pain and can benefit your workout by aiding post workout recovery. It also enhances insulin production. This can lead to improved insulin responses which contribute to positive effects on your body composition goals. Agmatine can also protect the body from free radicals. Its effect on epinephrine can increase endurance, enhance performance and decrease body fat.

Citrulline Malate - Research has shown that supplementation of Citrulline raises arginine and nitrogen oxide in the body. This helps to clear lactic acid build up that your body is making due to your body producing ATP (energy) to get you through your training. By clearing the lactic, increasing insulin sensitivity and raising NO levels your body can push through the toughest workouts and is primed for you post workout recovery.