Greek Style Herb Grilled Chicken

October 25, 2017

Greek Style Herb Grilled Chicken

As a chef for professional athletes, I cook a lot of chicken breast! It’s often tough for me to come up with different recipes that haven't become run of the mill. This particular dish is one of my favorites not only because it tastes so great, but because the nutritional benefits are also rewarding. Heirloom tomatoes are delicious as well as a great source for vitamin C. Olives are full of antioxidants, are good for the heart and help eliminate excess cholesterol. A good quality feta cheese made from sheep and goats milk make this dish extra special!


Ingredients :

2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(4) 6 oz. Organic boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts

1/2 Tbsp freshly chopped basil

1/2 Tbsp oregano

1/2 Tbsp mint

1/2 Tbsp sea salt

1/2 Tbsp black pepper

1 yellow heirloom tomato

1 red heirloom tomato

1 green heirloom tomato

1/2 cup variety of greek olives, pitted

2 oz. good quality feta cheese




1) Marinate chicken breast in olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper at least 4 hours or overnight.

2) Grill chicken on medium to high until cooked through, about 7-8 minutes on each side.

3) Chop heirloom tomatoes and mix with olives, adding 1 Tbsp olive juice. Season with pepper to taste.

4) Cut feta into triangles.

5) Place chicken on platter, top with tomatoes and olives. Garnish with fresh feta cheese and mint leaves.

Serves 2-4