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Why Use Casein?

May 09, 2017

Why Use Casein?

Recover While You Sleep

Casein feeds the muscles after the whey proteins have been fully digested. The slower the absorption allows for more ideal net protein balances in the body for sustaining elevated amino levels.

Unique Amino Acid Composition

Casein also provides a unique feature of sustained amino acid release and anti-catabolic action. Because of micellar casein's unique 3-dimensional amino acid composition and structure, it aggregates in the low pH of the stomach.

Muscle Gain

Eat the Bear's Naturally Casein can help prevent muscle loss by promoting your body’s natural ability to repair and improve during sleep. We lose more muscle during our sleep cycle than any other time. So be sure to feed your muscles in your natural recovery cycle by adding this bed time snack to your diet!