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Vicky Fulton from size 11 to figure competitor

February 13, 2017

Vicky Fulton from size 11 to figure competitor

I decided at the age of 26 and 155 lbs (5'5'' tall) that buying a size 11 in dress pants was unacceptable and my life needed to change from sleeping and eating junk all the time, so for Christmas I asked my mom for an iTouch so I could download an app called Lose It! and get healthy.  Mind you I knew better than to let myself get unhealthy as I danced competitively for years and loved being active.  Also at the age of 19 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is a blood cancer.  I fought that off and kept on living but was not taking care of my body.  So I got my present and said January 1st this is going to happen, I set my goals and stuck to them even if it meant walking an extra hour at night because I didn’t eat correctly and I went over my calorie limit for the day. By Memorial Day that year I hit my goal weight on exactly the day it was set!! After that, I was hooked! I began to slowly walk/run and do a few fitness classes at work, but soon I set my goals again and I wanted to tone up and get strong.  Little did I know I had just found my passion…being FIT! For me that is not only having endurance and being able to run for the first time in my life but that also meant getting strong and muscles.  I am also an avid hunter and that means I need to keep up with the guys, and my Boykin Spaniel, Lapua.  Slowly my progress lead me to competing in my first figure competition in September 2012, where on my own for nutrition/training placed 5th overall! Since then I have learned so much about my body, nutrition and my passion to be fit and healthy.  I work out 7 days a week, and yes some days are lighter than others but every day I do something active wither it be ultimate frisbee at lunch time at work, running outside, or hitting the weight room. I have set my sights on competing again in April 2017 and could not wait to see the progress I have made both in my heart and body when show came around, even changing my category to physique so that I would be able to showcases the skills I had learned not only in the bodybuilding world but also dig into the choreography archive from dance to create a routine.  Much to my surprise this was the best decision for me…I came alive on the inside and outside and took second place. I believe in building others up and supporting everyone in their individual goals, no matter if they are similar to mine or not.  I would love to learn to be a leader and show others the greatness that comes from living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  I stumbled on the ETB brand through Instagram and really feel the clean simple approach is best to live a full and healthy life!  ETB is my brand, I currently use the Isolate whey protein daily as well as the multi-vitamin and pre workout Uncaged 2.5.  I just received my first order of the NaturaLean and cannot wait to try it out.  Below are a few photos…the first is a 5 year comparison with my middle brother’s high school graduation to my youngest brothers 5 years later.  The second one is a  stage shot from the 2013 Figure competition and the next three are the 2016 Physique competition. Lastly one of my hunting buddy and I!

Written by:

Vicky Fulton