This Simple Exercise Can Keep You On Track Until January 1  

December 03, 2016

maintenance workout

So with December bearing down on us, and the added hurdles of holiday parties, corporate events, and the ever-present availability of junk food, it can be seemingly impossible to stay on track with your goals, but that is not to say you cannot avoid the typical weight gain and backsliding associated with the holidays.              

First of all, sit down and write out the things you ABSOLUTELY WON'T DO over the holiday season. Pick three things that will be your absolutes over the next month, and then stick to them. Your list may look like this:

  • I won’t miss working out before breakfast, even if it means doing jumping jacks before I get in the shower every morning
  • I will make sure that my breakfast every day is healthy, even if my other meals are not
  • I won’t store leftovers in my fridge for more than a day after parties or events

This may seem like a small thing to do, but by limiting your focus to a few things, you will be far more likely to do them and will be less stressed about these things you cannot control.

Next, figure out what metric you want to focus on (weight, waist measurement, body fat %), and then agree to focus on maintaining that number throughout the holiday season. This will give you a little wiggle room in your diet and workout routines to have some fun and relax a bit without worrying about making incredible gains in the hardest month to do it in. When schedules are crazy and routines are hard to stick to, think of the following mantra:

“If I can’t gain, then I can always maintain.”

    Focus more on maintaining your current fitness level this month, and then get back to your routine when things get easier!

    Finally, remember that you always have the opportunity to make a healthy decision. Even if you stumble early in the day, you can always take control at any moment and make a healthy choice. Too often people allow their days to snowball out of control after making one bad choice. Instead, you can always grab some natural protein powder to blend a tasty shake, get a quick workout, or in other words make a healthy decision.  

    You can always make a healthy change! Stick to the above tips, and remember to enjoy the holiday season while making the healthiest choices possible!