The Rise of Boxing Style Workouts – 40 Years After Balboa

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Boxers don’t only need to be fit and strong, but they need to be the fittest and strongest they can be while remaining lean. This is a large contributing factor to why the boxing style workout trend has been surging in popularity recently.

Healthy adult males 20-40 have an average body fat level of 8-19%; 14-24% in females. Typically boxers’ body fat levels are at the low end of that spectrum or even outside of it. Manny Pacquiao reached an astonishing 5% body fat. This should never be a goal, unless you yourself are a boxer or bodybuilder. This is considered “underfat” by most health experts.

With the recent announcement of Eat The Bear’s first Elite Trainer – Noah Neiman, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the Rocky movie franchise, we have boxing on our mind lately.

If Sylvester Stallone can look this good at 70, he must have taken something valuable away from his iconic boxing role.

It is important to realize that boxing is a full body workout. Though most of the “action” happens from the arms, throwing a solid punch takes just as much exertion from the legs and abs.

In addition to brute strength, a proper-form boxer must have endurance, balance, agility, speed and explosiveness.

In a boxing focused workout, it is essential to include a wide variety of exercises strung together in short bursts. Much like Rocky himself, these exercises can be done without any gym equipment (or frozen meat for that matter).

Our in-house boxing expert, Noah Neiman, has created a special Rocky inspired workout regimen. It is divided into a three round warm-up followed up by a 10 round workout, where each round focuses on a different area of the body (legs, back, core, glutes and arms).

See the full workout here.

The long-and-short of it is that each “round” is comprised of multiple workouts performed in short bursts (with just enough time between to catch your breath). We will warn you now, this workout will be difficult at first to get through the full hour, but boxers need endurance and if it were easy, everyone would look as great as “Sly” Stallone.

For your post-workout, don’t grab for a raw egg. Rocky was produced in 1976. Protein supplements weren’t what they are today back then. This was seen as a great source of protein, but has also been found to contain Salmonella. Just don’t do it, why go for raw eggs when there are great tasting options available now?


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