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The Key To Lasting Fat Loss!

January 18, 2017

tips for weight loss

You may have heard that muscle weighs more than fat, especially when weight loss stalls out. Often times when trying to lose body fat, one can become discouraged when progress in the mirror does not necessarily translate into progress on the scale. However, adding muscle while burning body fat has a host of health benefits, especially when it means burning more calories on a daily basis.

BMR, or basal metabolic rate, is a number that shows how many calories each individual person burns in a 24-hour period before factoring in activity and exercise. This number is largely based on one’s weight, and the addition of lean muscle can increase BMR tremendously!

It can be easy to want to avoid weight training when trying to lose weight. The thought process being that the focus of workouts should be burning calories over building muscle. But the addition of lean muscle will result in a greater calorie burn, both at rest and during exercise.

Make sure you are supporting lean tissue and adequately refueling post-workout in order to prevent losing muscle while exercising. Using a natural whey protein isolate (like Bare Isolate) after workouts can prevent losing muscle tissue and properly fuel muscle repair after training. Maintaining this lean tissue will keep your metabolism active, creating a greater daily calorie burn, and help achieve the lean and toned physique you are looking for!

Keeping your resistance-training program is going to burn more fat, both in the gym and outside of it!