The Best Times For BCAAs

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So by now we have all seen BCAA powders around the gym, but often times it’s hard to understand what they are and when to use them? 

First of all, aminos are the building blocks of proteins, and consuming them during or around activity can help to preserve muscle tissue that would have otherwise been burned during physical activity. They are a particularly attractive option as they are low (or totally lacking) in calories, and are easy to add to a water bottle or shaker cup and consume!

So when should we be taking in these delicious muscle-sparing wonder nutrients? There are several times throughout the day when consuming BCAAs are a great idea and can help you to preserve and even gain muscle tissue while exercising and dieting.

The two biggest times when consuming a BCAA like Bare Aminos can be a good idea are immediately before and during your workout, especially if you are training intensely or working with heavy weights. Consuming aminos at these times will help to put a ready supply of BCAAs into your system so that as muscle tissue is broken down during activity these “muscle lifeguards” are already in your system and can get to work on those muscles you are working so hard on growing!

Next, if you do fasted cardio first thing in the morning, drinking aminos during can help to preserve lean tissue while you burn calories on an empty stomach. Try adding a scoop of Bare Aminos to your water bottle and sip on it while you train in the early morning! It’s a great, tasty addition to plain water as you welcome the sunrise during those early morning workouts.

Finally, when in extreme dieting states where carbs or calories are low, adding a scoop of Bare Aminos to your water bottle or shaker in the afternoon can help to spare that hard earned lean mass as you burn fat!

Yes, BCAA powders are a great addition to any healthy program, and Bare Aminos are a great choice! Grab yourself a ready supply of BCAAs and start enjoying the benefits today!



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