Thanksgiving Recovery Diet

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So in the theme of recovering from Thanksgiving, we are going to talk about putting together a nutrition plan that helps your body recover from the onslaught of food you may have encountered over the holiday.                                                     

First of all, it is important to start getting back into eating plenty of high-fiber fruits and vegetables to not only provide an added sense of satiety but also to use that           plant-based fiber to help “clean out” your digestive tract. Most holiday foods are not incredibly high fiber or low-glycemic, so in order to get back on track, you need to       re-introduce those healthy fibers back into your system.

Next up, try to start limiting your protein and carb intake to a few foods, and keep them as simple and clean as possible. This will simplify what you are buying, prepping, and eating, and will get you back into the rhythm of eating healthy foods and seeing results. I always like to jump back into a simple program after long weekends of indulging!

Finally, if you are still feeling bloated, try grabbing a cleansing tea that has dandelion root in it, which will help bloating and digestive issues you may be having after big meals or weekends of junk.

ETB also offers a large variety of pure and clean supplements such as natural whey proteins and BCAA powders to help you achieve your fitness goals. Additionally, you can taste test our free protein powder samples to get you more acquainted with the quality of our supplements.

Do not table healthy eating until the new year. Start taking advantage of the opportunity to get back into a healthy eating and exercise program before the next round of the holidays!  


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