Take Your Workout To The Next Level

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If you have been working out for a while now and are looking to not only challenge yourself physically during your workout but change things up to shock your system, then today is your lucky day! Check out these three simple tricks to increase the difficulty, challenge, and intensity of your workout. Let’s take your workouts to the next level!

  1. Supersets and Circuits

Supersetting (placing two exercises back to back) or circuit training (putting three or more exercises back to back) without resting in-between exercises is a great way to add a challenge to your workout while eliminating idle time and increasing metabolic activity.

As opposed to the set/rest/set training style, incorporating circuits and supersets will force you to do more work in less time, increasing your heart rate, forcing blood in and out of different working muscles, and ultimately getting your entire workout done in less time.  

Try supersetting opposing muscle groups (i.e. chest and back) or completing total-body circuits to get a whole different kind of workout!

  1.  Stop Counting and Start Timing

If you have never tried using a workout timer, then get ready to sweat!

Timed sets can be a great challenge and a stunning change of pace from your regular routine. Simple timer apps allow you to download and set workout timer lengths right on your phone. Using these apps during your workout can increase the time under tension of your workouts and create a great challenge.

Instead of counting repetitions during your next workout, try setting a timer for 30 seconds, picking a moderate weight, and seeing how many reps you can complete during that 30-second interval. You may find that this different style of lifting creates a different workout experience and completing timed circuits is a great way to really challenge yourself without having to count reps. Start simple and see how you can push yourself with timed sets!

  1.  Flip The Script

If you have been lifting heavy for a while now, doing a large number of sets with a small number of reps, try switching things up and doing very high reps for a smaller number of sets, or vice versa. Changing the dynamic of your workout in this capacity can spark new growth or development as it changes the way that your muscles are being stimulated. 

If you have been doing 5 or more sets of 8 reps, try doing 3 sets of 18-20 repetitions instead. Change up your rep/set scheme and challenge yourself with a whole new workout experience.

To take your "supplement game" to the next level, try out some of ETB's grass fed protein or BCCA powder.

Growth, whether physical or otherwise, only happens outside of your comfort zone. Once your workout becomes too familiar, it becomes just that - comfortable. Challenge yourself to try a new style, method, or structure of exercise and allow yourself to experience something outside of the realm of the comfortable or familiar.  

Try something new and embrace being uncomfortable. You will be glad you did!

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