It's Not Just For Protein Shakes Anymore!

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Whey protein: we all love it, we all use it, and we all know how good a protein shake can taste when using delicious Bare Isolate as part of our routine. But after a while, the ol’ shaker cup can get a little tired and you may be looking for some different ways to use your favorite whey protein!

Oatmeal, while being a nutritional powerhouse, is not necessarily a high-protein meal option, but a scoop of Bare Isolate natural whey protein can change that while adding a delicious twist to this breakfast staple. Next time you make your morning oatmeal, add a bit more water than usual before microwaving. When it is done, remove from the microwave and add a scoop of Bare Isolate (cinnamon bun and chocolate are great for this). Stir until thoroughly mixed together. The result is a delicious high-protein breakfast that is the perfect thing to follow a morning workout or to start a healthy day!

Greek yogurt has been shown to be a great healthy snack option, especially with brands coming out with extremely low sugar options. Pumping up your yogurt with some natural protein powder can be a great way to get more protein in, as well as adding great flavor and consistency. Start with a serving of yogurt (I like Oikos Triple Zero or Powerful Yogurt), and then add a serving of Bare Isolate (ice cream sandwich rocks with this one). Stir until thoroughly mixed and then enjoy! You can even pop this one in the freezer for a bit to get an ice-cream like texture without the ice-cream like calories!

Finally, if you are feeling especially creative, try browsing through our ETB recipe section and seeing what you can come up with! All of the recipes provide great ideas for different food options that use your favorite whey protein, and can be a fun way to add variety and excitement into your diet without tanking it entirely!

What are your favorite protein treats? Share them with us and let us know what you think!

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