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Choose Your Holiday Indulgences Wisely!

December 18, 2016

how to stay fit and healthy

Tis the season for work functions, holiday parties, and dinner gatherings as far as the calendar can see. December is a tough month to stay on top of your fitness and nutrition goals, but it is not impossible to do with a little bit of planning! Check out these tips for getting through the busy season without putting a huge dent (or bulge) in your waistline!

  1. Pick Your Poison

At your next gathering or dinner party, the opportunity to indulge is usually ever-present in appetizers, desserts, and alcohol offerings. Avoid too much overindulgence by choosing one of three aforementioned treats and sticking to that one.  

If you are going to a holiday dinner party with friends, have a few drinks but skip the dessert afterward. If you are at an office function that is catered, have a little dessert but skip the horderves and cocktails beforehand! Choosing just one indulgence will help to keep your calorie count in control.

  1. 10-Minute Fat Blast

Ten minutes of moderate to intense activity can help to elevate your metabolism for long after you are done exercising. This “metabolic halo” effect can help to counter some of the excess calories taken in around all of the holiday parties.   

Try smashing a quick bodyweight circuit either right out of bed or before getting changed for your event or party to jumpstart your metabolism before partying! Put together a few bodyweight exercises and repeat 10-20 reps of each for 8-10 minutes to get a great and fast burn!

  1. Relax and Enjoy!

Listen, there is only so much damage that you can do in one evening when it comes to calorie and food consumption, and where it may not make you feel like a million bucks the next day, it is hard to entirely derail your results in one dinner party.

As long as the rest of your program (i.e. workouts, nutrition) is locked down during the week and you are not letting holiday cookies and buffet dining seep into every meal of the day, then the occasional holiday party can be a great cheat meal or departure from your normal program. Do not drive yourself crazy trying to control every little detail, just enjoy the party and get back to work the next day!

The holidays are all about being thankful and enjoying the company of friends and family. Do your best to control over-indulging and keep up with your diet and workouts where you can, but do not lose sight of the season!  

Keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays!