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How to become MVP of your Turkey Bowl.

November 21, 2016

How to become MVP of your Turkey Bowl.

Thanksgiving is almost here, and while many will be dusting off their eating pants, others will be preparing to battle it out with friends and family in the Turkey Bowl – an annual tradition that transforms backyards into amateur football fields.

 To help you get into a winning state-of-mind, NFL Superstar Luke Kuechly gives the following 5 tips to turn you into a backyard football phenom.

 Skip the Pre-Party 

The evening before Thanksgiving is known as a time for getting together with old friends, and celebrating the holiday – and let’s face it, things can get pretty rowdy. If you really want to be in top condition for the next day, pack it in early so you’re ready to dominate the next day.  A good night’s sleep is essential. 

Fuel Up

Giving your body lean, clean fuel is always important, but particularly so when you’re gearing up for a big game.  Try loading up on healthy complex carbs like sweet potatoes and whole grain breads. For protein, stick to turkey, chicken, fish and lean cuts of beef. Protein Shakes are great as well, just make sure that you’re choosing a lean, clean source.  My favorite is Eat the Bear. Their ingredients are clean and lean, plus they come in some awesome flavors like Ice Cream Sandwich and Cinnamon Bun.

Stretch + Warm-Up

This may sound simple, but I can’t stress how important it is to take 10-15 minutes to stretch your muscles, and warm up your body.  Jumping right into the game without doing so can lead to injuries, and it’s hard to become the MVP when you’re sidelined on the bench.

Be Ready to “Play”

Go into the game with a few tricks up your sleeve. Some of the plays I recommend are the “hook and ladder” and the “flea flicker”.  These will help lead your team to victory!


Now that you’ve laid it all on the line and hopefully not pulled a muscle or two, it’s time to settle in with friends and family, watch football, enjoy a great feast, and be thankful for all that’s good in your life.