Healthy Snacking Made Easy!

January 15, 2017

healthy snack ideas

It is the middle of the afternoon and your schedule is packed, leaving you hungry, tired, and without the ability to prepare and eat a balanced meal. Sure you can always run to the vending machine and grab a few honey buns to smash at your desk, but an hour later you will be crashing hard and regretting your decision.  

So how can you keep snack foods portable, accessible, and healthy? Fear not, we are here to tell you how!

First of all, you want to find foods that will not spoil, melt, or expire as they sit in your desk or bag during the day. Foods like protein bars and yogurt can be a great solution, but no one wants to dig into one after it has been bouncing around in a backpack on a hot day.

Next, snacks that are highly processed (such as most granola bars and baked goods) are typically high in carbs and sugars. These can be devastating to your blood sugar levels.

Finally, your snack needs to do more than satiate your hunger. Anything you eat needs to provide either, protein, healthy fats, and fiber to your diet and getting more than one of these at once is usually a sign of a nutritional powerhouse! 

For that reason, think about packing simple nut and seed mixtures in plastic bags or small containers to have in case of a snack emergency. A mixture of nuts, seeds, and some berries or raisins can provide a nice dose of nutrients into your day. Certain nut-based snack bars can be a great way to do this as well!

Another option is having a few apples or baby carrots with you can always provide a nice dose of healthy fiber into your day, providing a great sense of satiety and a healthy dose of nutritional goodness! They are also fairly durable and do not spoil when kept at room temperature.

Lastly, single serving packets of whey protein (like Bare Isolate) are always a great idea to keep on hand or hidden in desks or gym bags to have a great snack or meal option at arms length. Try ordering some free protein powder samples (individual packets) and a shaker cup and keeping them on hand at all times so you are never somewhere where you cannot simply add water and have a delicious and healthy protein source just seconds away!

Snack foods and behaviors can always make or break a nutrition program, so make sure you nail healthy snacking can support your nutrition program and ensure your results! Take some time to prep, store, and understand your snacking options to make sure you never miss a chance to make a healthy decision!