Fitness Tip of the Week: Sleep Your Way To Greater Results

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So you’re obviously killing it in the gym, and you’re undoubtedly eating the right way (you are, right?), but are you missing out on one of the most important things that could lead you to more muscle, better fat burning, and healthier body?

Because if you’re not getting enough sleep, you are robbing yourself of your own hard work!

Sleeping 7-9 hours a night can lead to a whole HOST of health benefits. More sleep has been linked to greater muscle recovery, better overall health, and even better mood during the day! Also, lack of sleep can increase levels of stress hormone in your body, making it harder to burn fat and grow muscle!

If you find that you are getting snacky in the evening while you watch TV or work on the computer, it’s probably that your body is overtired and looking for simple carbs to stay awake. Try heading to bed earlier to start seeing more results today!

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