Fitness Tip of the Week: Add to Your Program By Subtracting


With all of the nutrition information out there it’s hard to know what to add into your program to see more results. It seems like every week you read about a new superfood or a magical extract that by adding into your morning smoothie will yield incredible results in no time at all. Sadly, most of this information is of no use if it’s part of an overly-complicated plan!

trying to add more foods or things into your program if you haven’t yet cleaned up all of the things that are holding you back! Start by making a list of three or four things that you can clean up easily and keep fixing and eliminating problem behaviors before
adding in a whole list of new things!

snacking before bed, stop drinking a soda with your lunch, and start prepping your meals ahead of time before you start adding in new foods. Keeping your diet as simple as possible ensures that you will easily see what foods produce positive results and which ones hold you back!

identifying and weeding out your problem behaviors today and you’ll have a cleaner diet before you know it!

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