Don’t Make This Post-Workout Mistake!!!

November 08, 2016

Don’t Make This Post-Workout Mistake!!!

So, you just finished your workout, and you are ready to head home and crush some dinner, check out some Netflix, and hit they hay. But are you costing yourself gains in the process????

Well if you’re not taking advantage of your anabolic window, then you are not recovering properly.

As soon as you finish your workout, your body enters a period commonly referred to as the “anabolic window.” During this period our bodies will “super-optimize” any nutrients you’ve ingested to go towards replenishing energy storage and rebuilding muscle tissue broken down during exercise. This window lasts anywhere from 30-60 minutes (depending on which study you read). After which, your body has a tendency to become catabolic (consumes lean tissue for fuel). Not taking full advantage of this window with proper recovery-based nutrition practices will result in simply not recovering properly, but will also end up costing you lean tissue as well.

Your post-workout meal, especially after resistance training, is a pivotal time for your body to receive the nutrients it needs to recover properly. Make sure you have a ready post-workout meal on hand to consume as soon as you finish working out to refuel, repair, and rebuild muscles.

Your post-workout meal should include both a protein and a carb source to repair properly. Each source is important to consider. For your post-workout carb, think of simple carb sources (rice cakes, orange juice, cereal, banana) in order to properly fuel recovery. Simple carb sources will digest quickly and be good to assist protein in the repairing and refueling of your muscles.

When it comes to protein, a whey isolate, like our Bare Isolate, is a perfect choice as it’s easily digestible and absorbable and perfect for refueling and rebuilding after a hard workout.

After your next workout, think about having one or two scoops of bare isolate with a 12 oz. sports drink or medium sized banana to repair properly, and see how much faster you recover from workouts!

So before you head to the gym, make sure your gym bag includes your post-workout meal so your anabolic window doesn’t close on your gains!!!!!