Do You Make This Crucial Workout Mistake??

November 17, 2016

Do You Make This Crucial Workout Mistake??

You head into the gym for your normal workout and are ready to take on the world. But if you aren’t warming up properly, you are not only failing to properly prepare your body for gym domination, but you are also risking serious injury. 

Your warm-up is important for several reasons, especially in the colder months of the year. Getting your blood moving, loosening up and moving your body before you start lifting weights can not only increase your mind-muscle connection, but also gives you a chance to mentally get into the right place for a great workout! 

First off, warming up for 5-10 minutes with some sort of cardiovascular exercise (such as: treadmill jogging, elliptical trainer, stepmill) should provide the energy needed to warm-up your entire body. Perhaps just as importantly, this routine should give you a few minutes to mentally go through your workout in your mind. This visualization time lets you take any stress or anxiety you have and put them on the back burner, clearing your mind for the workout ahead.

After your cardio warm-up is complete, beginning your workout with 2-3 warm-up sets for whatever muscle or muscle group you plan on working out can stretch and prep your muscles. It also gives you the chance to mentally connect to what you’re trying to work, making any exercise you engage in after that much more effective and intentional.

If all of the cardio machines are being used at the gym or you are working out at home, grab yourself some sort of inclined bench and use one my personal favorite warm-up. Check it out in the video below.

Look, we are all pressed for time, and it’s not always easy to make enough time for everything, but never let a crunched schedule force you to put your warm-up aside!

Warming-up properly will help keep you limber, connected, and injury free!!!