Chocolate Layered S'mores Cake

October 26, 2016

Chocolate Layered S'mores Cake

Recipe Ingredients:


1.5 Servings Complete Pancake Mix (60g)

1 Serving SF/FF Pudding Mix (8g)

Dash Splenda (3g)

Dash Baking Powder (2g)

1 Scoop ETB Chocolate Whey Protein (30g)

1 Serving Cocoa Powder (10g)



1 Egg White

2oz Fat Free Greek Yogurt (50g)



3oz Fat Free Greek Yogurt (75g)

1/2 Scoop ETB Chocolate Whey Protein (15g)

1 Serving SF/FF Pudding (8g)



1 Marshmallow (2g)

1/4th Graham Cracker (5g)



1) Combine dry ingredients into a mixing bowl,

2) Add wet ingredients and stir to form batter.

3) Coat a circular tupperware container with cooking spray and transfer batter.

4) Microwave on medium power for 3-3.5 minutes

5) Transfer cake to a separate plate (use a fork to separate edges along tupperware)

6) Combine greek yogurt, whey protein, and  SF/ FF Pudding Mix together in a separate bowl.

7) Cut the cake horizontally in the center, and apply half the filling, then relayer the cake.

8) Cut the cake into a Y Shape (cutting the cake into thirds), and layer the top with frosting. Use a cupcake attachment for the frosting swirl, or put frosting in a plastic bag and squeeze out of the corner.

9) Take a graham cracker and split it into fourths. Split two pieces on the top and place a single marshmallow between them.

10) Enjoy


Optional: I froze my cake to help hold the frosting before eating it.



For Entire Recipe (3 Servings):

Calories ~ 640

Protein ~ 60g

Carbs ~ 80g

Fat ~ 9g


For Each Serving:

Calories ~ 213

Protein ~ 20g

Carbs ~ 26.5g

Fat ~ 3g