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Benefits of BCAA's

March 15, 2017

Benefits of BCAA's


Builds Muscle

New muscle mass can only be built when protein synthesis takes place and old muscle tissue is repaired and new tissue is built up. Amino's help speed this process up, leading to quicker results. 

Prevents Muscle Breakdown

BCAAs prevent muscle loss by providing an energy source, which prevents the body for using its own muscle for fuel. You want to burn fat, not muscle.

Enhances Nutrient Delivery 

Includes powerful absorption initiators increasing nutrient absorption amount by as much as 60%!


Most people do a good job of making sure they are taking in enough protein and carbohydrates during the pre- and post-workout period. Often, they will even look into other supplements that will help them take their results a bit further, yet still overlook the benefits of a good branched-chain amino acid product.