Are You REALLY Crushing Your Workout?

December 05, 2016

workout routine tips

`Do you know the feeling of leaving the gym or finishing a workout and feeling your pulse pounding in your ears, your breath just on the verge of being lost, with your shirt a different color from sweat and your lunch sitting somewhere at the top of your neck?

No? Then that is an issue…

Look, I’m not saying that every single workout you turn in has to be the stuff of legends, but it is important to realize if you are not really pushing yourself while you are training, then you are missing one of the main points of working out. It’s important to make sure that your workouts are constantly challenging, difficult, and somewhat taxing. If you can get through your entire workout without sweating or breathing heavily, then you’re not really working out to your maximum potential.

Workouts should work your body in three capacities: they should increase your strength, cardiovascular capacity, and flexibility. These three pillars work like a tripod that supports your overall health, because, without one, the other two fall over. If you are only going to yoga and doing cardio, then you’re not working on increasing or maintaining your lean muscle tissue, which is pivotal to staying functional as you age.

If all you are doing is crushing weights and doing cardio afterward, then you are slowly pouring plaster into your joints by not working on your flexibility and mobility. You can see plenty of guys at most gyms who may be able to bench press 400 pounds, but look as if they are unable to scratch the back of their head or grab their wallet out of their own back pocket due to a lack of flexibility in their shoulders and trunk.

One easy way to work all of these different modalities is to make sure you are circuit training or supersetting multiple exercises that are based on bodyweight movement rather than machines, especially at the start of your workout. Motions like squats, push-ups, lunges, and other body weight “functional” movements help you move through a full range of motion and increase your functionality, and doing them in a circuit can increase your cardio at the same time!

Think about where your workouts are lacking and start pumping up the intensity! Give yourself a chance to experience a new level of effort, a new level of work, and a new level of results! Make sure to check out our Health & Fitness Blog for more workout ideas to take your results to the next level!