A broken back didn't stop this man from "EATING THE BEAR"

September 21, 2016

A broken back didn't stop this man from

Hello ETB team,

My name is Ben Cordell, I am 24 years old and live in Seattle Washington. When I was 16 years old I found out my back was broken and would need surgery to be fixed. I realized my back had been broken for two years, since I had been in pain, but never did anything about it. I was told I should have been paralyzed with all the activities I was doing and the severity of the injury. The doctors told me the only reason my spine didn’t completely drop was because I was in such good shape. The muscles held my spine from falling. I broke it when I was 14 playing ice hockey. I took a hit from behind, but didn’t think anything of it.

After being in pain for so long I decided to go to the doctor, in which they told me everything was fine. I decided to go see a chiropractor to help the pain and he was the one that found the break. Because of the injury I lost out on fulfilling any sports career I could have had and the chance to serve my country. I had wanted to join the military ever since I was a young boy. After having the surgery I was always looked at differently and everyone was always concerned with anything physical I was doing. I was told to find a desk job and that I wouldn’t have normal range of motion. With each door closing another opens.

Now days, I am a diesel mechanic on boats. I have normal range of motion and no problems. Although I have four screws and two rods in my back nothing will hold me back from doing what I am passionate about. I work out six days a week; I still play ice hockey and love to be active. In the future I hope to be working in the fitness world, I have worked as a fitness counselor and loved helping people, but ended up leaving the company when I realized they did not care about their clients. I am currently cutting weight and trying to become more defined.

Overcoming this obstacle made me the person I am today and showed me that no matter what life throws at me I can take it and make the best of it. No matter what people tell you or what you’ve been thru you make your own destiny.

Thank you,
Ben Cordell
Age: 24
Instagram: Bcordell7