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2J Pantoja Weekly Workout Post #1

June 15, 2016

2J Pantoja Weekly Workout Post #1

Welcome to my first “Weekly Workout Blog! In each blog, I will be sharing my current thoughts, techniques and workouts with you guys. Since this is my first blog, I’d like to introduce myself for those of you who don’t know me.

My name is 2J Pantoja (and to clear the air: yes, there is a number in my name and yes it is my actual, legal name). I’m the CEO, founder and acting Head Coach of FlyFree Movement gyms.

We are a movement-based gym that primarily focuses on bodyweight and obstacle course training. I’ve been a coach and a trainer for 7 years and have taught over 5,000 students in person! (I’ve never done online training). I have a great team of coaches and staff that spread across 3 cities in our 3 (soon-to-be 4) gym locations.

Now back to fitness-talk! If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@2Jpantoja) or any of my social networks, you know that I am absolutely intrigued by body weight training, also known as calisthenics. I am a firm believer that every human should train to master and explore human movement. I’ll be talking quite a bit about this topic, so stay tuned! For now I’ll leave you with this week’s workout! Have fun!

My Chest Workout this week:

(I’ll be doing this workout in the morning, mid day, and right before I go to bed)

Target Time: 40 seconds on, 40 second break, 40 seconds on (2 minutes total)


  • 5 Wide Grip push-ups*
  • 5 Raised Push-ups**
  • 5 Diamond push-ups***

Just hammer these down for a the full 40 seconds. If you feel like you can’t push yourself up anymore, go down on your knees and do your push ups from there but finish the full 40 seconds! Have fun building and strengthening that chest!

*Wide Grip push-ups: hand placement should be outside of your shoulders

**Raised Push-ups: Grab two books and lay it flat directly underneath your shoulders. Tip: fat dictionaries or encyclopedia works best. Get into the push up position place your hand on top of the books, I hand per book. The objective is to get deeper into to your push up to access that range of motion.
***Diamond push-ups: Also known as the "triangle" or "close-grip" or "tricep" push up. Place your hand together making a diamond or triangle snap with your thumb and pointing finger.