Breaking Past a Plateau

April 11, 2016

Breaking Past a Plateau

Chances are, there has been a time where you have hit a plateau when it comes to reaching your goals in the gym. It happens to all of us. Here are some tips for breaking past these plateaus so you can keep working towards the body you want!

Flip flop your reps and sets

Take your current workout program and swap your reps and sets! Have you been doing 4 sets of 10 reps? Go in tomorrow and do 10 sets of 4 reps! This means you will most likely be going much heavier with the weights, and this change in reps and sets will confuse your muscles and bring an exciting change to your routine!

Wear a stopwatch

You might try and rest for a certain amount of time between sets, but let’s be honest.. a lot of time we end up fidgeting on our phones or talking to people, and we rest for much longer than anticipated. Start wearing a watch so you can make sure you rest for an exact set of time to keep the momentum going throughout your whole workout! 

Change up your protein

Your diet is a very important part of reaching your goals in the gym! Your pre and post-workout meals are actually some of the most significant times to fuel your body.  I suggest eating a lean protein source and a complex carb before exercise, such as chicken and sweet potato or white rice. After your workout, it is a great idea to re-fuel your body with low-fat protein and carbs as well! My top suggestion is to use ETB pure isolate and make a protein shake to drink. A great idea would be to add a banana or oats, and some water/ice to make a tasty shake that gives your body what it needs to recover, build and change!

Try drop sets or supersets

Drop sets are a technique where you perform an exercise for all desired reps, and then you reduce the weight and continue to do the exercise for more reps until you hit failure. A superset, on the other hand, is the back-to-back performance of two exercises of opposing muscle groups, with little rest between the exercises. Both drop sets and supersets are good ways to mix things up when training, bringing a more enjoyable workout with increased results.

 More rest

If you aren’t resting enough, you may be cutting yourself short. Adequate rest is necessary for having the best training sessions, training properly, and making progress! If you are feeling overly fatigued and you are training more than 5 times a week, you may want to consider adding in an extra rest day.  You might also want to start focusing on getting on more sleep. Lack of sleep can cause many issues, including weight gain! 

Set weekly goals

I suggest monitoring what weights you use while you lift, and then to start setting goals weekly to increase your weight each time that you train. If you can progressively go heavier while lifting weights, you will build more muscle and change your body composition!

Try a kettlebell instead of a dumbbell

Try switching things up next time you workout and use a kettlebell for some of the exercises that you typically use dumbbells for! Kettlebells are great tool to use when your workouts start lacking variety.