Motivation - Ashley Nordman - How to get it back!

March 26, 2016

Motivation - Ashley Nordman - How to get it back!

For many people, it seems as if losing motivation is easier than staying committed. But don’t you worry. It happens to us all! Even competitive athletes like myself have days where they don’t want to hit the gym or eat clean. However, I do have some suggestions that have helped me stay motivated!

 Below are a few things that you can add to your daily routine to help keep you motivated!

 Grab a few inspirational books to read in the morning

 There are many resources out there that you can read from for inspiration! But, for some reason, having a physical book seems to work best for me. I make a trip to my local book store and pick up a new book every few months; one that is full of positive and encouraging daily messages. I am currently on my second devotional from Joyce Meyer, which is titled, Battlefield of the Mind. Reading a passage from positive books first in the morning help to get my mind right and remind me to focus on the things that matter most. I highly suggest a morning read to help you stay motivated.

 Find an accountability partner

Whenever my motivation is low, I reach out to a friend or even someone in my family, and ask them for help! I have learned that asking for assistance is often hard for people to do, but it ends up benefitting not only me, but also the person that I reach out to. We both plan out ways to stay motivated and figure out an easy system for checking in. Whenever I reach out to friends for help, we typically decide to set the same alarms and call each other in the morning to make sure each other is up for example.

Plan out time for yourself

Many of us lose motivation to make healthy choices when we feel overwhelmed. We think that we don’t have enough time to be healthy, and then we start to make excuses! Well, I have learned that planning out ahead of time when you will allow yourself to work on YOU really helps in following through. Just like you have appointments to tend to during the day, you also have appointments to tend to that are focused on your health. Map out your week and when you will choose to exercise, cook healthy food, grocery shop, etc, and it suddenly won’t seem as overwhelming. 

Prepare for success by always planning ahead

The best way to stay on your path is to be prepared at all times. For me, I always have a pair of gym shoes on me or in my car. I also bring workout clothes, a water bottle, and healthy snacks wherever I go! My car and purse is always stocked with almonds, rice cakes, protein bars, protein powder, and apples! When it comes to having healthy food on hand, not only are you prepared with nutritious snacks, but you also save money by being able to avoid buying food while you are out and about!

Set a goal and make a plan to reach it 

What is a goal that you have for yourself? Do you ever take time to write down your goals or to even consider what goals actually lay in your heart? I suggest that you think of 2-3 achievable goals for yourself… like choosing to walk everyday, drinking a gallon of water a day, hitting the gym 5 times this week, or avoiding sweets. After you decide what goals you have, sit down and ask HOW you are going to reach it, and write out a plan of action! For example, if your goal is to drink a gallon of water a day, your plan may be to go to the store and buy a gallon jug so that you can bring it with you to work tomorrow. And then you can set certain times to have certain amounts of water drank! 

Reward yourself

Staying motivated also means that you need to enjoy yourself a little! I have learned the hard way that if you don’t reward yourself every now and then, you take the fun out of it! When you have a great week of workouts and sticking to your diet, go out and enjoy a small dessert! Or go buy a new workout outfit! Having rewards to look forward to can actually be motivating, so another good idea is to use rewards as a way of setting goals. Have the goal of eating clean all week so that you can have the reward of eating froyo on Saturday! You will most likely follow your diet MUCH better knowing you have something to look forward to!

Listen to upbeat music and utilize social media to motivate you 

Download a music app, like Pandora or Rhapsody, and listen to motivating stations like Workout Radio or Running Radio for example. Music that has a high BPM (beat per minute) rate actually help you move faster! Also, follow social media accounts that post positive, encouraging content that you can rely on when you really need some visual motivation!

Download apps that can help you with your goals and changes

Look into apps that can help with your fitness goals! A few include apps for tracking your food intake (like MyFitnessPal), ones that remind you to drink water, or ones that send you daily inspirational tips and reminders!

My last two recommendations are to stay positive/surround yourself with positive people, and to focus on taking things one day at a time!

Being positive is something you probably hear often, but it is so important for success! Where the mind goes, the body follows! And when it comes to taking things a day at a time, this means that you must also practice patience, and to focus ONLY on the 24 hours infront of you as well. Too often we get so far ahead of ourselves that we end up discouraged!

We all lose motivation at times, but what matters is how we react. If we take the necessary steps to create an environment full of motivation and positivity, it will make achieving our goals much more enjoyable and easier to do as well! Trust me! 

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