Ambassador Profile – Jay Staniforth

We’ve recently brought on a new group of awesome ambassadors who we believe exemplify what Eat The Bear is all about and we want to introduce them to you! Follow this series to learn more about what drives our team and how they Eat The Bear both in and out of the gym. Today we’re talking to Jay Staniforth, our first international affiliate!

  • Name: Jay Staniforth
  • Age: 27
  • City: Leicestershire, UK
  • What is your current fitness goal?
    • Having spent a number of years in a bulky stage, I am now focusing on trimming down, creating definition yet maintaining muscle size. It’s a long slow process, but the results will be worth it. There’s no shortcut to anywhere worth going.

  • What inspires you to Eat The Bear every day?
    • Looking healthy and feeling healthy are key to my lifestyle. I like to be at the top of my game no matter what sport I am playing – this is why I eat well and train regularly. It’s also important to me to pass on my knowledge when I can. I find it motivating to see others trying the advice I give and when they see the results they were seeking.

  • What is your favorite ETB product / recipe?
    • I love biscuits, so for me, the ETB Protein chocolate cookie recipe was a real winner. Although I am guilty of adding some chocolate chips to this recipe…

  • What do YOU think is the most important part of living a healthy lifestyle?
    • Consistency. Anyone can jump on the bandwagon of a fad diet, but results are only as permanent as the effort you put in; if your diet is temporary then so will be your results.

  • How do you spend your rest day?
    • My rest day is mid-week and sometimes I will rest on Sunday as well, but I tend to catch up on TV series, blog articles and I also design gym clothing. One thing you won’t find me doing is drinking; I avoid alcohol all week as a rule.

  • What do you do when you’re not in the gym?
    • If I’m not in the gym, then I’m probably at work. I head up the marketing department for an IT company, but I’ve managed to convince the company to invest in a gym, so I still get to slip away at lunch and after work!

  • What’s one thing people would never guess about you?
    • For quite a bulky guy, I am surprisingly flexible and agile; I can walk on my hands, do the splits and the crab.

  • Any advice or last words to share with the ETB audience?
    • When you decide that you want to embark on the ‘fit’ lifestyle, ensure that you only take on what you can commit to. I’ve seen many people go in head first, training 7 days a week, 2 hours a time and eating nothing but healthy foods and giving up drinking completely; a few weeks later and they aren’t training at all. Fitness is a lifestyle choice, keep it fun, enjoy yourself, but make sure you have time for the other things you enjoy as well… and never miss more than 3 days training!!!

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